LG V60 Dual Show veil veil review: V for versatility

LG V60 Dual Show veil veil review: V for versatility


Even with out a second display, LG’s most fresh phone offers a lot

LG is planning a important refresh for its subsequent mainstream smartphone, but sooner than getting there, the company decided to free up some other entry in its spec-heavy V-series, the V60 ThinQ. With developed manual camera controls, a hello-fi headphone jack, and top-end specs, these phones have consistently been geared toward tech enthusiasts.

This 300 and sixty five days, LG is undercutting Samsung’s Galaxy S20 — the Android long-established-bearer for 2020 — in sign, while restful making an try to cram loads of upgrades into the V60. It’s got a Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G connectivity and is succesful of taking pictures 8K video. You can furthermore outfit the V60 with a second repeat (with the optionally available Dual Show veil veil case) for unrivaled multitasking. Microsoft’s Floor Duo is residing to attain later this 300 and sixty five days, and this will push the twin-repeat phone thought forward, but LG is already on its third try with the V60.

Nonetheless the V60 lacks among the parts that are an increasing number of identical outdated on “flagship” Android devices in 2020. There’s no fluid 90Hz or 120Hz repeat; Los angeles an different sticks with a outdated-fashioned, no-frills 60Hz panel. Its bezels are undeniable to eye and thicker than what you’d internet on a Samsung or OnePlus. As utterly different excessive-end devices pass as a lot as 12GB of RAM (and previous), LG is being a chunk of of conservative with 8GB of memory. And despite continued refinement, the Dual Show veil veil accent never in actuality unlocks its full doable: the enormous promoting level is restful that identical outdated, core means to scramble utterly different apps facet by facet at the identical time. Nonetheless LG’s hallmarks — a lawful camera, happy headphone audio, and splendid performance — are restful represented within the V60. Pricing is a chunk of scattered, with the phone itself costing $800 (T-Cell) or around $900 with the Dual Show veil veil on Verizon and AT&T. Either manner, you come in under the S20’s $999 decal sign.

The V60 lawful does so mighty (doubly so whenever you happen to procure it with the Dual Show veil veil) that, in a vacuum, it’s laborious no longer to be impressed. The battery life is generous, and it’s an unparalleled preference for the vogue of one who will exercise every trick this phone has in its arsenal. If that’s no longer you, there’s gargantuan reason to stare upon Samsung or OnePlus as an different.


Gorgeous warning, although: even folks acquainted with LG’s previous efforts will seemingly be taken aback by the V60’s dimension. Here’s a huge, honking phone. At 6.sixty seven inches superb and three.06 inches wide, it’s in a technique even bigger than the Galaxy S20 Ultra and pays completely no thoughts to ergonomics. It’s possible to exercise the V60 with one hand, but doing so is an ill-told exercise in finger gymnastics and grip adjustments. The chamfered aluminum rails provide a stable tackle the phone, which has a flat 6.Eight-skedaddle display and sloped glass lend a hand. Volume toggles and a non-remappable Google Assistant shortcut button soak up the left facet, with the vitality button on the moral. The V60 comes with 128GB of storage, nonetheless it helps microSD enlargement.

On the bottom, you’ll internet a speaker (which doubles up with the earpiece for stereo output), USB-C port, and a headphone jack, which restful involves LG’s unparalleled 32-bit DAC for audiophile-grade music playback — whenever you happen to’ve got the moral headphones to procure essentially the most from it. LG will get my praise every for retaining the jack around and turning in a listening skills that can rival dedicated hello-fi audio gamers. Paying attention to hello-res tracks in Amazon Tune HD with my Sennheiser headphones made me admire LG’s quest to withhold the headphone jack even when all people else has moved on.


The V60 comes in either white (with silver edges) or navy blue, which has a gold physique. To me, there’s no debate to be had: the blue V60 is a stunner of a phone. The white one, meanwhile, is forgettable. LG uses an in-repeat optical fingerprint scanner on the V60, and my success rate used to be blended, inconsistent, and worse than the readers I’ve aged on Samsung and OnePlus phones. Here’s a vogue of instances the put I miss the susceptible, more legitimate rear fingerprint sensors. (The V60 doesn’t have an corresponding to Face ID just like the G8 ThinQ did.)

The V60’s repeat is a excellent 2460 x 1080 OLED panel with a cramped teardrop notch that houses the entrance-going via camera. As I talked about earlier, LG hasn’t managed to shave away bezels to the identical extent as utterly different companies. Some will internet the murky borders grotesque; others will seemingly be grateful to steer clear of unintentional presses — an occasional frustration that impacts crooked screens with barely there bezels. Brightness, shade vibrancy, incompatibility, and viewing angles are all perfectly edifying, if a rung or two below Samsung’s reliable phone displays.


Nonetheless the inability of a buttery-tender 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate is noticeable and made your total more evident whenever you happen to turn between the V60 and one thing just like the Galaxy S20 or Pixel four XL. Now no longer all people will care, and I mediate LG made this commerce-off in part because of riding two displays at 90Hz or 1440p would have posed a discipline. Aloof, I wish the option existed no longer much less than for the principle phone. To me, right here is the V60’s most evident diagram back when put next towards its 2020 competitors. It offers a ton of vitality, nonetheless it feels held lend a hand — prefer it didn’t fairly procure the total enhance tricks — by the identical-as-ever scrolling.

So the display is a chunk of of a letdown, but there’s some lawful in all of this. Limiting the repeat to 60Hz and a modest resolution, blended with a large 5,000mAh battery, helps the V60 end impossible battery life. I’ve been succesful of abet the V60 operating neatly into and thru a second day of frequent exercise. This stamina reliable applies when utilizing the phone by itself, nonetheless, since enabling the Dual Show veil veil case will curtail battery longevity by 20 to 30 percent.


Correct via my review interval, the Snapdragon 865 chipset has performed flawlessly, with the V60 chewing via any job I threw at it. Wi-Fi 6 is supported, and the V60 can pull down 5G files on T-Cell and AT&T, although reliable Verizon is promoting a model that works with ultra-like a flash (but very restricted) millimeter-wave 5G.

Relish the G8x, the V60’s Dual Show veil veil connects over USB-C. There’s a chunk of magnetic adapter that attaches to the bottom of the case in clarify for you to jog in for charging while it’s on, although like a flash wireless charging is the more handy option in that discipline. The secondary display is an accurate match for essentially the predominant repeat, with the identical resolution and even the notch cutout. (It’s actually the identical panel phase, which LG says helps slit back costs and withhold shade uniformity.)

Basically the most identical outdated exercise case for the Dual Show veil veil is basically the most simple: two apps straight away. This ingredient is the closing Zoom phone, let me repeat you. You can furthermore chat alongside with your colleagues over Zoom on one display and stare upon cute pets on Instagram with utterly different. Want to browse Twitter while looking out at Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video? Recognize at it. As soon as we’re all allowed outside all as soon as more, I know the V60 will make it straightforward to abet an sight on my Uber or Lyft while writing an e-mail at the identical time. And this makes for an straightforward manner of taking note of music on YouTube while doing one thing else on essentially the predominant repeat. It’s all admittedly superfluous, but I restful stumbled on myself in actuality liking the flexibleness at instances.

LG optimizes a few of its have apps for Dual Show veil veil. For these who take a shot with the camera and tap to eye the portray, it pops up on the secondary repeat, so the camera app stays initiate and intriguing for more snaps. You can furthermore exercise the V60 like a mini laptop or transportable sport console with the total bottom repeat serving as a keyboard or gamepad. You can furthermore furthermore stretch a miniature collection of apps (including some from Google like Maps, Gmail, and Chrome) at some level of every screens straight away, but I never stumbled on this very significant. The hole within the middle is too laborious to brush aside. LG, now on its third Dual Show veil veil free up, hasn’t made mighty progress and is leaving Microsoft a huge opening to come lend a hand in and display all people what an Android tool with two displays can in actuality be. Nonetheless undergo in thoughts that that that you would possibly per chance per chance furthermore consistently lawful detach the fleshy, heavy Dual Show veil veil case whenever you happen to don’t need these multitasking powers. Aspects for versatility, I insist.


The rear twin-camera system delivers lawful results, with the principle 64MP sensor (pixel binned all of the diagram in which down to 16MP) is succesful of take loads of dynamic differ and detail. LG kicked off the ultra-wide pattern, in advise that’s what the second 13MP camera is for. As is the norm, it’s a chunk of softer than essentially the predominant one. The third “lens” is lawful a time-of-flight sensor for depth files, so the V60 doesn’t have any roughly portrait or optical zoom lens in its repertoire. Nonetheless I was very overjoyed with the shade processing, excellent depth-of-area, and overall output from LG’s camera. The company is utilizing an even bigger sensor this 300 and sixty five days, which explains a few of these enhancements. If the V60 has one weakness, it’s night mode, which doesn’t meet the bar that Apple, Google, and Huawei have residing. Video recording is furthermore stable — LG affords you more manual administration over settings and bit rate than most Android phones — although 8K is lawful foolish overkill within the meanwhile. You can furthermore’t even edit 8K photos on-tool, so what does that repeat you? Stick to 4K or 1080p and the V60 restful excels, second reliable to Apple in video superb.

You can furthermore consistently count on LG to toss in a single very abnormal camera feature, and this time, it’s 3D photos. If you happen to’ve ever viewed sensible the form of on Facebook, you know what to demand. You snap a shot, and the V60 uses depth files to create the semblance that the centered-on object is fascinating around as you pass your phone. I took like two of these after which skipped over 3D photos altogether. A nicer, more fundamental touch regarding the camera is that, in most lighting prerequisites, the viewfinder is displayed at 60fps. It doesn’t in actuality add any lend a hand, but now that I’ve had a taste, I need that smoothness from the camera on every utterly different phone.


LG’s instrument stays a messy blended internet. About a of it’s lawful, just like the unparalleled camera app, which has all of the manual controls that that you would possibly per chance per chance per chance need and succesful instruments like focus peaking. The audio recorder app is furthermore reliable at faculty. I even had a lawful skills with LG Pay (I lawful came about to have sensible one of many few playing cards that’s currently supported), that can trick fee terminals into pondering you swiped an true bank card with a magnetic stripe — lawful like Samsung Pay.

Other corners of the instrument skills in actuality feel like they’ve been deserted. The icons and identical outdated appearance in actuality feel dated (even after a most fresh refresh). And in a technique, restful, within the 300 and sixty five days 2020, LG’s app launcher can no longer abet apps organized alphabetically. Every time you install a brand fresh app or sport, you’ve got to kind the checklist all as soon as more. Come on. Switching to a third-event launcher strategy losing out on Android 10’s gesture navigation, and none of them are optimized for the secondary repeat. The awkward instrument choices lengthen to the Dual Show veil veil, which is handled like its have home display, which makes total sense, nonetheless it furthermore will get its have app drawer as an different of lawful mirroring the principle phone’s, which is no longer wise at all.


And then there’s the bloatware. LG is no longer promoting an unlocked model of the V60 within the US, so that you’re at the mercy of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Cell — and it’s no longer rather. After developing the phone, you’ll internet no longer much less than 5 – 6 video games you don’t need and a handful of provider apps that that that you would possibly per chance per chance furthermore’t completely uninstall. The Verizon V60 regularly offered me with a “succesful” tool neatly being notification that inspired me to restart the phone and particular its memory cache. These are unnecessary, tense distractions that folk in actuality don’t want to fear about.

One of essentially the most under-the-radar perks of the V60 is genuine stylus enhance. If you happen to rob a Wacom pen, you’ll procure Galaxy Present-like power sensitivity for drawing. There’s an optionally available streak-in shortcuts bar the put that that you would possibly per chance per chance furthermore rapid begin up writing a brand fresh memo, annotate whatever’s in your display, and procure admission to totally different tricks. LG doesn’t have its have stylus like Samsung’s S-Pen or a slot to abet one in, but what’s right here is rather significant and, all as soon as more, speaks to the V60’s versatility.

It would restful insist the total lot regarding the V60 being a jack-of-all-trades that I’m ending on stylus enhance. This phone affords you a ton for $800 — even whenever you happen to pass with out the Dual Show veil veil. It’s a blazing performer, battery life would possibly per chance per chance be the appropriate for any phone in 2020 to this level, and it’s got terrific headphone audio. Nonetheless I no doubt wish LG had performed more with the mammoth repeat. I’m succesful of attach up with the bezels lawful enticing, but excessive-refresh screens are already changing into desk stakes at this sign within the Android world. If I’m sacrificing comfort and ergonomics, the repeat had better be generous. And I’m willing to pay a couple extra hundred bucks for it.

Images by Chris Welch / The Verge

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